CRYPTOMI.NE IS FOR SALE! is a premium domain that could have a variety of uses. Each of the six crypto domains listed for sale on this page can be purchased individually or as a package of two or more. The domains are:,,,,, and All sales will be conducted through, which supports .ne domains.

Digital Innovation for a New Era

Touch and Use in a New Era

Zero One in a New Era


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More info... - A Brand for Personalized Cryptocurrency Wallets could be an excellent brand or redirect for a wallet. Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the payment industry and made it easier than ever before to conduct global transactions. However, over $1 billion has been lost through hacking, theft/scamming, and people losing control of their crypto wallets. The most secure method to store cryptocurrency is in an offline, hardware wallet. The latest iteration of hardware wallets come equipped with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly pair with your phone so a user can easily authenticate transactions. would take this a step further and equip the wallet with an optional location tracker. Using a combination of Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS technologies, a user could recover a lost or misplaced wallet. Obviously, not every user would want or need this functionality, which is why it would be optional, but for many, it could be a literal lifesaver and avoids the need to attempt to clone/recreate the wallet if lost. & More CRYPTO DOMAINS FOR SALE

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